Whilst Tories continue to cut vital services and support for Vulnerable people they reduce taxes for the Wealthy by 73bn!😡

When I see vital services and support being cut for the most vulnerable it makes me angry when I see this government has reduced taxes for the richest in society by 73bn.

 For example why drag millions of mentally ill people through the mud so you can save 3.7bn when you are giving nearly 100bn of discounts to the wealthy.

How anyone can vote for the Tories is beyond me. There are many sick, disabled and elderly people who are having to live a life of isolation and fear. I hope one day I can see a day when this country upholds its Christian values and protects and looks after the weakest in society. Sadly I don’t think we will ever return to those days. Too much water has passed under the bridge and society as a whole is self centred, self absorbed and selfish. It’s a society for the fittest and if you don’t have your health then society doesn’t care or have time for you.

Most of the people who are disabled or sick have worked decades in successful careers whilst paying into the system that is set up to one day look after you if you need support.

The scary thing is that system has now been shredded up, destroyed and used as a stick to beat disabled people with.

I think it’s about time to say if the system isn’t going to support us when we are sick, old or frail. Lets stop paying into it?

The government say being sick or disabled is getting money for nothing.

But actually it’s the Government that is getting money for nothing?


With Fresh Restrictions On Personal Independence Payments, The Tories Continue Their Assault On Disabled People

Just when it seemed that the UK Government’s cruel disregard for disabled people could not have been clearer, the Department for Work and Pensions ‘quietly’ announced another devastating barrage of cuts to Personal Independence Payments (PIP) at the end of February, ultimately excluding an estimated 160,000 people from vital financial assistance. To do so on the same day as two important by-elections, with the eyes of the news media elsewhere, is utterly shameful. Sadly, after seven relentless years of Tory austerity, which has ruined public services and inflicted poverty on millions, this latest move should have come as no surprise. 
The Personal Independence Payment, which is gradually replacing Disability Living Allowance, helps with the extra costs of living with a long-term health condition or disability. With the leading disability charity Scope estimating that having a disability makes life £550 more expensive every month, this assistance is absolutely essential for people with disabilities to live independent and fulfilling lives. It may be the difference between a home-cooked meal and joining the increasingly long queues at a food bank; it may be the difference between paying for transportation to an important medical appointment and being forced to miss it; it may be the difference between making home modifications to accommodate complex needs and being a prisoner in your own home.
While the overwhelming characteristics of Theresa May’s blundering Brexit government are uncertainty and confusion, one thing is crystal clear – these new restrictions are targeted squarely at those suffering from mental health conditions, including autism, dementia and schizophrenia. Invisible disabilities such as these are too often overlooked and misunderstood, and yet can be just as debilitating as many physical conditions. This was starkly exemplified last week during an LBC Radio phone-in when a clearly distressed caller spoke of his despair over the new raft of cuts. In a scenario that has become all-too-familiar in the Tory era, he recalled friends suffering from mental health conditions who had attempted suicide following removal of their financial support. That the Government’s approach forces him to think “People hate us. People hate our guts”, is a damning indictment of seven years of division and failed policies.
Indeed the Government has not been shy about targeting sufferers of mental health conditions with these changes, sending a dangerous message to the public that some disabilities are more worthy of support than others, and adding to the increasingly negative perceptions of disabled people that this Government has actively perpetuated. This blatant disregard for the suffering of millions of people is not only deeply divisive, but calls into question whether the Government’s disability policies are founded on outright cruelty, or just sheer ignorance. As the SNP’s Disability Spokesperson, I meet with disability charities and activists, and disabled people, on a regular basis and what almost always comes up is the need for a change in society’s perceptions of people with disabilities. This latest move by the Government, which tells the public that people with certain types of disability do not deserve the same care as others, is therefore a misinformed step in the wrong direction.
I was one of several MPs that recently challenged the Government in Parliament over the cuts, but received little reassurance for the people and their families who will now struggle to make ends meet. While the Government claims that the changes will not impact those currently receiving PIP, it fails to acknowledge that new claimants will lose out under the tighter regulations, and will be left without the support they so desperately need. Even those who do currently receive PIP now face living with the spectre of reassessment – on new, harsher terms – hanging over them, which will undoubtedly serve to exacerbate their mental health conditions further. 
Disgust at this new low has come from dozens of disability organisations and across the political spectrum. Highlighted recently by the Scottish Government’s disabilities delivery plan – A Fairer Scotland for Disabled People – the SNP is committed to upholding the rights and dignity of people with disabilities. But when condemnation of the changes has come from some rebellious Tories themselves, and from the right-wing Bow Group think tank, the Government should really question the morality of this move. 
In the absence of a U-turn, the democratic way forward is for the Government to commit to a debate in Parliament, where MPs can stand up for the thousands of people in my own constituency, and in constituencies across the country, who will be impacted by this policy. Accordingly, I have written to the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, Damian Green, urging a fundamental re-think of the policy and calling for a much-needed debate. To push through this devastating change without the opportunity for debate is simply wrong – not least because the Government explicitly promised not to bring in further disability cuts during this session of Parliament. 
For too long this Tory Government has consistently and deliberately undermined the rights and dignity of disabled people, who have unfairly borne the brunt of the Government’s failed economic policies. This shameful step is a new low for a Government whose treatment of people with disabilities has already been condemned internationally by the United Nations. At a time when it has been revealed that Government departments have wasted £600 million of taxpayers’ money on fruitless spending – including £103 million on eight helicopters which were not fit for purpose, and tens of millions of pounds on developing overseas embassies which never materialised – it is truly disgraceful that, yet again, it is society’s most vulnerable people who will suffer as a result of this Government’s failures. 
With the chaos of a hard Tory Brexit looming – and the continuing obsession with austerity and scapegoating of minority groups that this will bring – we must continue to hold this Government to account and fight for a fairer society for disabled people.

Spring budget more proof the Tories are governing for the 1%, deliberate destruction of society.

Another budget another round of cuts and tax hikes hitting the working class and the poor? Where will it end? 

It’s about time the working class and the poor made a stand and stopped voting this evil Tory party into power. 

It is absolutely disgusting the way they behaved during the budget. It shows their utter contempt for the poor and working class in society when they think it’s funny cutting support for the most vulnerable and poorest in society, putting up taxes and hammering the working classes again. 

This country is in a total mess, council offices cannot cope, social services cannot cope, care homes cannot cope, hospitals cannot cope, disabled people have nowhere to turn, zero hour contracts, schools are in debt the list is endless.

Police, fire and ambulance services cannot turn up to every job. A&Es are only allowing people to turn up if you have a risk of dying.

Is it any wonder society is getting more selfish and wrapped up in their own little worlds?

Wickedness and selfishness begins at the top with the Tory party. This has trickled down into society for nearly a decade creating social and working class divides.

They have deliberately turned every group against each other for example parents, the elderly, students, public sector workers, private sector workers, disabled, rich and poor.

They have done this so when they apply cuts and increase taxes against a particular group it’s more socially acceptable. 

This is due to the majority of sheep in today’s society listen to the propaganda and Tory lies in the British mainstream media. (Sky news, BBC and ITV)

The only time they realise what a disaster of a country we have become is when they are vulnerable, poorly or need vital help or support that isn’t available.

So next time there is a general election just think about the amount of promises the Tories have broken before you vote these failures in again.

Ps if you voted for these clowns. Don’t come crying to me when your the next victim of tax rises or cuts.

As the saying goes be careful what you wish for.


DWP kill yourself assessments prove they need tearing up!!😤

On 28 February, The Canary reported the case of a woman who claimed an assessor working on behalf of the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) had asked her why she hadn’t killed herself yet.

That report was followed by another featuring testimonies from several people who claim to have experienced the same thing. One of them was ‘Alison’, who told us:
I was asked by a woman at the Atos PIP interview: ‘Why haven’t you killed yourself yet?’ I remember it very clearly. I left the room in tears and had my PIP cut. I was too afraid to complain in case they took all the money off me.

The Canary has also discussed these claims with the President of the British Psychological Society, Peter Kinderman.
Not fit for purpose
Kinderman is one of the mental health experts who recently sent the government a letter saying that its benefits sanction system is not fit for purpose. The Canary asked him about the claims that Atos assessors have been asking people why they haven’t killed themselves yet:
I think that for people working in any capacity really, with people with serious mental health problems, asking sensitive and relevant questions about suicidal thoughts is a good thing. It’s good therapeutically. It’s also the case that I can see the relevance of asking those questions for people charged with determining the seriousness and severity and the disabling consequences of people’s mental health problems.
I think, however, that what we know about the whole of the work capability assessment, the way in which the assessment starts predicated, and the training of the staff involved, is that those assessments are not fit for purpose. And within that, I think the idea that people ask insensitive and potentially – well, certainly insulting – but potentially harmful questions: that doesn’t come as a particular surprise to me. When you talk about people’s thoughts about taking their own lives, it’s very important we have those conversations with people, but of course it’s important conversations happen sensitively.
So I think this is another example of how the work capability assessment, PIP assessment, the assessment [under the] benefit regime for people with mental health problems, is not fit for purpose, and we need to have a root and branch rethink of it.

The Canary asked the DWP three questions about our initial report. The DWP also told us that the healthcare professionals who carry out the assessments are supported by ‘mental health champions’ who have relevant mental health work experience.
1) Will the DWP look into these claims?
We are not aware of any complaints made to either DWP or our contractors on this issue, but would investigate any allegations thoroughly.

2) Is the DWP happy with Atos assessors asking questions that psychologists claim these assessors are insufficiently experienced to be asking?
All PIP assessment providers receive training on mental health conditions, including suicidal issues.

3) Was the DWP already aware that Atos staff were asking people why they hadn’t killed themselves yet?
Healthcare Professionals receive training in order to conduct functional assessments on behalf of the DWP and their training includes conducting a mental health assessment which may, if appropriate, include questions about suicide or self-harm.

Speaking out
The number of people speaking out about benefit assessments is growing all the time. It’s not just the people who have suffered as a result of the system. Ken Loach centred his film I, Daniel Blake on the experience of assessments and sanctions, and he laid into the DWP’s processes on BBC Newsnight earlier this year. Even the UN found that assessments caused people’s mental health to “severely deteriorate”.
Leading psychologists like Peter Kinderman and his colleagues are just the latest to add their weight to a compelling case against the DWP regime.
Get Involved!
– If you are having a mental health crisis or are feeling suicidal, contact The Samaritans.
– Write to your MP to voice your concerns about the way the DWP and Atos handle these assessments.

DWP committee meeting for PIP great work but a great opportunity missed!

I watched the work and pensions committee meeting about PIP today. It was a great staring point and some good points were raised but I am not quite sure it went far enough.

They were asked about the application process and they didn’t even mention or bring up the trick questions that can be interpreted into which ever direction the DWP decision maker wishes to score the claimant.

For example can you plan and follow a journey? Not only is this vague and can be interpreted a number of ways to under score a claimant? For example someone with a physical illness or disability can plan and follow a journey but doesn’t mean they can make it?

Under the DWP’S own interpretation they score someone with a physical disability zero points in this category because they can plan and follow a journey.

This then makes it impossible to score high enough points for the higher rate and the appropriate mobility support.

This is one of the biggest issues that was missed.



Tory election fraud, prosecutions to start within weeks.

One rule for us, one rule for the Tory government.

According to The Times, Conservative MPs and campaigners involved in the Tory election fraud allegations may face prosecution within weeks.
The bad news is that the newspaper seems to think the number of investigations has been whittled down to fewer than 12.
Has anybody seen any announcements of investigations being halted in individual cases?
Nor have I.
This is the problem with the right-wing press – we get this constant drip… drip of misinformation and speculation with a pro-Tory slant.
Why can’t they just report the news?

Bubbling along, often little reported in the media*, has been a police investigation into whether Conservative MPs broke the law on election expenses at the general election.
Not only does the investigation go to the very top of the party, involving one of Theresa May’s closest aides, it also involves more than enough MPs to wipe out the Conservative majority in the House of Commons. The Electoral Commission has already had to go to court to force the Conservatives to hand over evidence.
Now the The Timesreports:
Senior [Conservative] figures fear that the results of up to half a dozen constituency votes could be declared void — causing hurried by-elections — if prosecutors decide to make an example of the party. Criminal charges against key individuals are also possible…
At one stage 24 investigations were taking place into seats where the Tories were suspected of spending more on their campaign than the legal limit. It is believed that this has been reduced to fewer than a dozen investigations in which the police believe the evidence warrants further examination.

Yesterday a police source said that files were expected to be sent to the Crown Prosecution Service within weeks.

Proof DWP silence the media.

Evolve politics have published a story today showing information from the DWP that they were forced to provide.

This is a great article and shows exactly how the DWP stop the truth being reported about their treatment of vulnerable people. Keep spreading the real stories as we cannot rely on the main stream media to do it.